Monday, October 21, 2013

Done Blogging (At Least For Awhile)

Hey there! So, I've decided to stop working on this blog, at least for awhile. I'm just not enjoying it as much as I used to. I'll still be reading blogs - mostly lurking, but sometimes commenting. I love seeing what you all are doing, but I'm less motivated to write about my sewing anymore. I will still be posting items to Kollabora, and you can still reach me here if you have any questions or comments. You guys have been awesome readers!

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Hollyburn Skirt #3

Not much to say here, just a Fall Hollyburn.

The fabric is a stretch sateen I bought from ages ago. I love this skirt pattern so much, and feel great whenever I wear something made from it.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Vogue 8876

Before the weather turns, I thought I would make one of the dresses from my summer wishlist before it gets too late. I had so much fun making Vogue 8813, I thought I would make another Marcy Tilton dress.

Here I am in the dress:

Rear View:


This dress was fun to make. Right now, my least favorite part of sewing is the prep work. (I hate cutting stuff out.) And this had a lot of pieces. But, once I got everything cut out, it was pretty straightforward to sew; I just followed the instructions. It's says average on the pattern envelope, and I would say that is accurate. There is a lot of hand sewing, but nothing complicated. There is supposed to be a ribbon in the collar to cinch it up, but I really like it just the way it is. I have some ribbon for it, and may choose to add it at a later date.

Here is the line drawing so you can get a sense of the details that don't show up in my picture:

The fit on this is supposed to be very loose, but I don't really like that. I choose the size that was just a couple of inches above my own measurements, and then took it in a little along the side seams. I did not make a muslin of this because I am a daredevil, and I figured the 40 million inches of ease would give me something to play with.

The fabric I used for this dress is an amazing linen I bought at Fabricmart earlier in the summer. (I have one piece of linen left over from that order. It's going to be an awesome top for Fall. I hope.) It was a dream to sew and is on the heavier side, so it should work well for the transition to Fall. I purchased the buttons at Nancy's Sewing Basket, my neighborhood fabric store.

Button closeup:

I had a lot of fun making this dress, and hope to have as much fun wearing it. I'm trying to incorporate more red into my wardrobe. I think this will do. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Simplicity 1693 Redux

Ok, you may or may not remember my crazy hat shirt from last January, but now that I am smaller, I  resized the pattern and gave it another shot. I saw a lot of online sales this past holiday weekend, but I decided that instead of adding to my stash (which is quite big enough) I would buy something locally and make it up over the weekend. I spent a little more per yard than I usually do, but the fabric was so lovely, I could not help myself. It's a Nani Iro double gauze and I love it to death.

Here it is made into a shirt.

I chose this pattern because it is a very simple pullover style, but man are those sleeves kinda big. This fabric has little drape, and while it works for the body, it makes the sleeves more bell-like than I would have chosen. (I feel like they look bigger in real life.) I went a little big, to create a boxier profile in the body, but I'm not sure if I am going to keep the sleeves this way or modify them to look smaller. (Any thoughts?) I am also wondering if the shirt looks oversized or just too big. I'll wear it a few times and see what I think. This is a very versatile pattern for me because I can modify it, and the next version will have a simple cap sleeve, I think.

I did make a muslin of this because the bust dart was waaaaaaaaaay too low for me. I raised it and then rotated the dart ends up a little towards the armpit. Sometimes when the dart end is lower than the point, it can look a little funny on me. This was a pretty easy fix and something I may do more often. (I also lengthened the dart, but I almost always do that anyway. Since I've lost weight, I think the hardest change to make has been determining where I want the dart to end. Still working on it.

I have been trying not to buy a lot of new fabric since I already have a fairly large stash, but I don't want to limit the inspiration that can come from having new fabrics. So I've decided it's okay to buy new fabric, but they need to go in the "sewing soon" pile instead of the bins.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Comments and Io's First Project

I got a comment from Uta the other day letting me know that she could not leave a comment on this blog while viewing from Bloglovin. I signed up for an account, (Did not like it fyi. I'm using feedly and am pretty happy with that.) tried it myself, and was unable to leave a comment. I have done nothing on this end to block folks from bloglovin, so I am going to assume it is a bug on their end. Unfortunately, if you want to leave a comment and you use bloglovin, you will have to come directly to my blog. Sorry about that.

*Added* So not everyone is having a bloglovin issue it turns out. Ah technology.

Myself, I am a HUUUUGE lurker. Turns out, I am as huge an introvert on the internets as I am in real life. I have a small core of people that I feel comfortable commenting on, but often times I just read and enjoy. There's a awful lot of noise out there, and I am hesitant to add much to it. Because I am not a huge commenter, I don't get a lot of comments, which I am cool with. I am also really bad about commenting on a stranger's blog after they comment on mine. The social obligations of commenting can be overwhelming for me. Which is weird because other folks have no problems navigating this stuff. I love getting comments though, and truly appreciate everyone who takes the time to say hey.

In other news, my daughter has asked for sewing lessons. Here she is with her first project:

I  received this upholstery fabric by mistake from (They used to have this bug where if they were out of the fabric you ordered, instead of telling you, they would send you a kind of ugly fabric instead. This happened to me three times.) I just washed it up and had her hem the edges. Now she has a throw to keep in her car for emergency picnics and such. She turns 23 next week. Sigh.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Simplicity 5193

Simplicty 5193 is another OOP pattern (from 2004) that I made when it first came out. I've been wearing the original dress so often lately, that I thought I would make another one, but go down one size.

It's just a simple empire waist dress that goes on over the head with no zipper. I think the bodice is a little too long, but I wasn't particularly interested in fixing it this go round. I wear the older version all the time, so I'm probably not going to sweat the imperfections. I'm still not feeling up to par, and only have so much energy right now. I'm just trying to focus on simple things that I will wear a lot.

I did add a little embroidery to the bodice.

I made it up as I went along, and when I paused to see how this looked on, I really liked the simplicity of it. Just a little pop of color. 

The fabric is a stretch linen from Fabricmart, and this was such an easy dress to make, I just glanced over the instructions to make sure there wasn't something crucial I was missing. It's a simple, comfy dress to help me transition into fall. (Which I am in denial about. I am holding on the last dregs of summer.)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Vogue 8813

So, I was in the mood for something a little different. I thought I would sew outside of my usual style, so I grabbed a copy of Vogue 8813 (A Marcy Tilton pattern) and gave it a whirl.

It calls for a fabric with a lot of drape, so I ordered a linen gauze from fabricmart, but it turns out this particular gauze is kind of stiff. I thought about it, and decided to go for it anyway.

 Here is a close up of the gathers. I added some white French knots to add a little visual interest.

This pattern is waaaaaaay out of the usual for me, but I kind of really dig it. It seems like a fall dress to me, so I won't be wearing it for awhile, but I think it will look cute with leggings and a sweater.

It was super fun and pretty easy to sew. The construction was unlike anything I had ever made before, so I just followed instructions and had no problems. The sizing runs a little big, so I went with the garment measurements to pick my size. I would have no idea how to adjust the pattern for fitting, but the upper side seams can be brought in and the width of the gathering in front can be fiddled with for a better fit. I accidentally tossed the piece that tells you how wide the gathering is supposed to be, so I just messed around until I came up with something I liked. (4 inches for me.) The gathering is done by zigzagging over perl cotton, which I did not have, so I used embroidery floss instead. Worked just fine for me (and gave me the idea for the French knots. Which you know I love.) I don't think I need another one of these, but this was enjoyable to make, and I bet it's going to be fun to wear.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Simplicity 7086

Oh man, did I have the worst flu ever. Knocked me out for a couple of weeks. Feeling better though and had enough energy to make myself a new blouse. (My daughter was kind enough to take a goofy picture for me.)

It's Simplicity 7086, and OOP pattern from 2002. I made 3 versions back in the day, and still had two of them in my closet that fit me now. The pattern has a fun, vintage vibe that looks great with my Hollyburn skirts.

It's a pretty straightforward and easy pattern. I haven't made anything with a collar or buttonholes for a while, but they went along easy peasy. I always dread buttonholes, but only because I forget how fast and easy my machine makes them. (I am a big fan of the Brother buttonholes.) The pattern calls for an armhole facing, but I finished with self-made bias tape instead. The fabric is a mini-gingham that came in one of my Fabricmart mystery boxes. All-in-all a fun and easy experience. (Maybe one more in Liberty? Hmmm.)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Liberty Love

I haven't been feeling well enough to get any sewing done this week, so here is a picture of some lovely liberty fabrics I recently purchased. I won't be cutting into these until my weight settles, because at over $30+ per yard, I want to be sure I get a lot of use out of them!

Health Update: My new Doctor has figured out what is causing my arthritis (bacteria in my gut) and we are working to make things better. I still have ups and downs, but am in less pain and slowly improving. I can still only eat about 10 different things (everything else makes me sick) so please take a moment and enjoy your meals a little extra for me!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Roller Coaster

For those of you who are interested in the roller coaster, here is a video my friend Greg made. (I am the Heidi referenced in the video. It's my nickname.)