Friday, August 15, 2008

Janina Pant Muslin #1 - Not So Much

Actually there is not much wrong with this pattern except for the size I chose is too small. I thought I was in between sizes and could compensate by using smaller seam allowances. Nope. I need to go back and trace the next size up.

The patterns I am using is off the Burda Sytle website: Janina. Using the patterns from this site are pretty easy, but a little time consuming. First you have to download the pattern in pdf format and then assemble according to the instructions.

Then you should probably trace the pattern onto some better paper. It is conceivable that you could use the photocopy paper but it is kind of too thick, and if you cut out the wrong size, you might have to print it out all over again. I trace onto the backs of patterns that I bought on super sale and then decided I wasn't really going to make. Maybe not the best way, but it uses materials I already have on hand.

I'm going to go up a size and see how that works for me. Since this is the first time I have used a pattern from this site, I'll need to figure out how the sizing works. I somehow managed to mangle the zipper application on this one, so I might do some reading up on that. I'm also a little concerned that these might sit a little too low on me, so I may play with the waistband in the next muslin. (I didn't bother to put the waistband in this one.) I was a little confused by the hip yoke on the pockets because I had never seen that before, but I can see how that would work to keep the pockets from dragging to the side.

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