Thursday, August 21, 2008

Plain and Simple A-line skirt muslin

I made a muslin for the Hot patterns Plain and Simple A-line skirt and it turned out pretty well. I got the fabric on sale at Joann's (of course) and it's actually a really nice piece of bottom-weight cotton from their "Craft" apparel line. ( I know I shouldn't use nice fabric for a muslin, but sometimes I am just bad.)

The skirt fits pretty well, but I am not too sure about the darts over the stomach and the line of the hip. (What I'm not too sure about is whether it is me or the skirt I have concerns about.) I think I need to wash the skirt and get a sense of how it really falls before I move on. If it is the skirt, then I will need to make another muslin after I figure out how to fix the areas of concern.

This was the first invisible zipper I have ever put in, and well, it could be better, but it definitely could be worse. I also did not construct the garment in the order given in the instructions. I like to put in the zipper before the front and back are joined to give myself enough room to maneuver around. I also did not line this version since it didn't seem to need it, and I did not use the hem facing. I just serged the hem and turned it up.

I liked this pattern a lot. I think it will make a great starting point for a lot of interesting designs. I have plans for 2 of these skirts and 2 of the Plain and Simple pencil skirts in my basic fall wardrobe.

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