Friday, September 12, 2008


I'm in Ashland, Oregon for the week visiting my friend Scott and being very, very lazy. Here is the obligatory water shot. (We just went to Hyatt Lake for a few hours to read comics and relax. There were too many flies.)

I did get some projects done before I left home. I finished one of the sushi pillowcases that I am embroidering for my daughter.

I also made Simplicity 3867. I needed a dress to wear to some fancyish occasions. It was a little more complicated than some of the stuff that I have been making, but that is why I chose it.

This is not such a great picture, but the dress is both flattering and pretty. I tried to install an invisible zipper, and that didn't go so well. I probably could have gone down a half a size at least, so I had some fitting issues once I inserted the zipper, which I hacked my way through. I am electing to view this as a wearable muslin.


Mom2fur said...

I've never been brave enough to try an invisible zipper, so good for you! I think the dress is really pretty.

Adelaide B said...

Thank you!