Thursday, September 25, 2008


Sometime a lot can go right with a dress and yet, it's just not that flattering. Exhibit A:

This dress is actually pretty cute. The fabric is camo made up out of little army men and the dress fits pretty well. The pattern is Butterick 5031 and it looks nice on the package. I had a few problems with it: it's cut waaayyy too low and the markings on the waistband do not match the markings on the bodice. Once it again the zipper sucks, but I don't like the dress enough to do it over. I also have issues raising up my arms, and for some reason, it really hikes down in the back. (I need to check one of my fittting books to see what is up with that.)

I just don't like it on me. I managed to close the wrap a little more, and I could always go in and fix the zipper to make it a little more professional. But, I'm just not that thrilled. I'll probably wear it, (I wear almost everything I make) but I'm not gonna love it. However, I am totally crampy and I may like it more when I am in a better mood. I'll also check with the husband to get his input; he usually has some good feedback.

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