Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chado Ralph Rucci: New Vogue Pattern

I have seen comments in the blogs both for and against the new Ralph Rucci Vogue Pattern. I think the styling of the outfit is not so great, but the dress itself is lovely. I just received a used copy of Ralph Rucci: The Art Of Weightlessness. It is such a lovely book. I can't say I love all of his designs, but the detailing of his garments is exquisite, and his use of piecing and embroidery is inspiring.

I made another Hot Patterns A line skirt, but it is in the laundry because I could not wait to wear it. As soon as it's clean I'll post a photo.


Tany said...

I love Chado's models and this one is no exception. I'll get this pattern for sure, since the details are so exquisite and interesting

Adelaide B said...

I'm also going to get this pattern. I may never make it, but I want to incorporate his details into some of my other clothes.