Monday, October 13, 2008

Denim Skirt

Here is the picture of the denim skirt that I made a couple of weeks ago using the Hot Patterns A-line skirt pattern.

I got the fabric from and I really love this denim. It is very dark and has a lovely look. (It's hard to tell from this picture; one of the rare sunny days up here.) (The hem folded up during the wash and I had a hard time pressing it back down, which is why the hemline is so noticeable in this picture.)

After I finished up this skirt, I realized how to fix the fitting issues I had with this pattern. The pattern is supposed to fit at the natural waist, and this one hits right below it. Not far enough down to make it unwearable, but low enough to fit just a little funky. This is an easy fix to make, and since I love this pattern, I'm happy to figure out what is wrong with it. I love wearing an A-line skirt with tights and a cardigan in the fall

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