Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Nicest Thing I Ever Made

I have a new skirt! It is yet another version of the Hot Patterns Plain and Simple A-line skirt.

The fabric is a olive wool blend tweed from Fabric Mart. I love love love it. I omitted the waistband and sewed the lining directly to the top of the skirt (right sides together), added some twill tape in the seam allowance to prevent stretching, flipped the lining to the inside and then topstitched through both layers. I handpicked the zipper and attached the bottom of the lining to the skirt with french tacks. I also hand sewed the hem down. It fits great and I feel like I made something of real quality.

What's not so great about this skirt?

I am not so happy with the serged edges. They actually look fine, but I would like to take the quality up a notch. I'll need to add some length to the skirt next time so I have enough to turn over the edges on the hem.

Things I learned:
  • Wool is great! There were some wrinkles in the waist after I did the topstitching, but I steamed the hell out of them and they went away.
  • By taking the waistband out, I realized the skirt was still too big in spots. I took it in about an inch-and-a-half at the waist and a quarter inch at each side and it fit much better.
  • I am much better at putting zippers in by hand. It's not too much trouble and it looks way better than when I use my machine.
I also made Io a scarf for Christmas. Just a quick drop stitch pattern.

I am currently working on a muslin for the Hot Patterns Deco Vibe Delicious Dress. It it works out, I am going to make a black silk version for New Years eve.

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Tany said...

Your skirt looks very nice and I love the scarf too! Well done!