Friday, February 20, 2009

I hate BWOF plus size patterns

So, I'm just gonna come out and say it. I hate Burda World of Fashion plus size patterns. I don't have a subscription to BWOF because I don't really like every issue, and I can get reasonably priced copies in my neighborhood (at Nancy's Sewing Basket.) I had a subscription for a year, and liked only half of them, so I just buy the ones I like.

Now, I'm like a lot of other women. My weight is not where I want it to be, but I like myself and I think I deserve cute clothes. (Acting on that belief is another thing entirely.) I buy BWOF as a day dream tool, and I always swear I am going to make something from it, but I never do. Why? The plus size patterns usually suck. Here is how the issues usually appear to me. Cute, cute, cute, Lots of plus-sized jackets with no waist shaping, one over sized shirt, maybe a dress that doesn't inspire me, a pair of basic pants, and a skirt with some kind of weird yoke. Ugh. Burdastyle has cute plus size patterns, why can't BWOF? I don't even usually like the special plus-size issue.

I need a good pants pattern, so I am gonna try the one in the Feb issue to see if they fit better than the big 3, but I'm not really excited. I am also going to try to size one of the smaller patterns to fit me. It's just kind of a pain. Rant over.


Nora said...

Thanks for the compliment for BurdaStyle. We actually just finished a photo shoot yesterday for more plus sizes!
Nora from BurdaStyle

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I guess the grass is always greener! In some issues the Plus section is blah, but in others I feel they're the best patterns in the magazine and I'm annoyed they don't come in my size.

Adelaide B said...

I'm sure that if I lost a lot of weight, then I would look at all the patterns and only like the plus ones. That's the way it is for me sometimes.

Linda said...

Plus size patterns are almost always inferior - because "clearly fat people aren’t interested in fashion – so why bother?". Same principle as hiding the plus size department at Bloomingdales behind the lingerie department. The Spring BWOF Plus magazine was really sad. They actually include a caftan - The absolute definition of scary plus size clothing.
Plus size often tends to be someone’s definition of "basic" certainly not fashion. Look at the Connie Crawford plus size patterns for Butterick - yikes - unstructured drop shouldered 80s nightmares.
The Burdastyle plus patterns aren’t bad, but there are exactly 6 plus size patterns to choose from - and at least 40 regular size options.
But I'm not bitter....

Thankfully the big four usually go up to 22.