Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Red Skirt

I have a new red skirt. It is an OOP Simplicity pattern (4086.)

It was fairly straightforward to make, and I managed to do a pretty good job. The zipper is a little wonky, but certainly not noticeable with my shirt untucked. And, to be perfectly honest, I never tuck in my shirt. I would honestly never even consider such a thing. It is made from a cotton and something else bottom weight that I got from Joann's.

One thing that you may not notice in the picture is that there is blue embroidery along the bottom of the skirt. It was too plain for me in its first iteration, so I added blue French knots along the bottom to add some spice. I loooove red and blue (not navy) together, and I used a light and darker blue for this.

I really dig this skirt. The only thing I'm not hot about is the fact that there are no darts, and my shape needs darts. I love the cut of this pattern however, so I may try to combine this pattern with another one that is more fitted. I'll see how motivated I get.


Tany said...

The blue embroidery was a very nice touch! The skirt is beautiful!

Emo Girl said...

I love the red hue of the skirt. I would def wear it. Well done!