Friday, April 3, 2009

Skirt Mania

I found some stretch bottom-weight fabrics in my stash and thought they would be perfect skirts for my daughter. Some stats:

Her name is Io.
She is 18.
I think she's cute.

She really likes Vogue 8425 so I whipped out a couple for her this week. I needed to shorten the skirt length quite a bit and I took out about an inch and a half out of the waist length. I'll get some action shots when she comes home from college for Easter. (You may notice that the pictures look better than usual. The sun is shining, and I figured out how to adjust my camera to focus differently (or at all) on fabric. Turns out, that part was hidden.)

This one is made out of some kind of polyester stretchy stuff. I think. I don't know. This and the navy skirt are made out of some fabric from a Fashion Fabric Club mystery box.

Navy skirt

I do still need to do fittings on her when I make this skirt, but I have got the pattern pretty much in shape so that it is just a very quick side seam adjustment. These are high-waisted skirts, but she is petite so the adjustments cause the skirt to hit her right below the ribcage where it is most comfortable for her.

As a bonus, I present an in-focus shot of the embroidery on the red skirt that I recently made for myself:


The Slapdash Sewist said...

That looks like a really nice skirt pattern. I like the shape and wider waistband.

Tany said...

The skirt is lovely, I'm sure your daughter is very happy!

Lindsay T said...

Cute skirts. My 16-yr-old DD wants little shift dresses for spring and summer.

Lisette M said...

Very nice skirts, I'm sure your daughter will like them