Wednesday, April 22, 2009

T-Shirt Substitute and a Few Notes on Style

Hi. I'm back in the land of the living. That cold just knocked me out. And, I've watched so much Law and Order: Criminal Intent that I keep telling my husband that if he ever wants to separate he should just break up with me instead of poisoning me. He just looks at me and goes back to his Lincoln book. He draws the line at tasting the cough medicine before I take it. (He is a very patient man.)

I have been sewing in the past week: Simplicity 3887. I have made this pattern a zillion times before, and I will probably make it a zillion times more. This shirt is what I like to wear instead of a T-Shirt. The traditional T-Shirt shape looks really bad on me, and usually I want something casual, but a step up. I do have to iron these, but I'm willing to do it if it makes me feel better about how I look.

Hawaiian print:

Dino Camo:

Yeah, I am aware that dinosaur camo is not really appropriate for a 41 year old, which leads me to a little note on style and why I sew. I have been sewing since I was a kid, and while I have not amassed a large arsenal of professional skills, I can figure out most patterns. I'm working on learning harder skills, but I don't sew to mimic ready-to-wear and most of the things I like aren't really that complicated. I have never really enjoyed wearing what was in at the moment. In the 80's I wore reworked 70's clothes and vintage, in the 90's I added jeans and mens work shirts and in the 00's I wore crap. (I gained some weight and got too busy to care. I am currently trying to rectify this situation.) I love looking at clothes and I looooooove reading sewing blogs to learn new things and see what everyone else is making. However, I usually don't want to wear any of those things. I like skirts and simple tops. I like to wear rolled up jeans and my T-Shirt substitutes. I like older styles and will soon start working on my first vintage dress:

The dress is from 1949 and I think it would look lovely in navy with white dots. (I'm going to do the scalloped version.) My goals are always to make more complicated garments, but in the end I just end up making what I want to wear. I have some challenging things that I have cut out, but I never get to them because I usually want to fill a hole in my wardrobe.


Faye Lewis said...

I LOVE THOSE LITTLE TEE'S! I hate to say it but my Speigel knockoff is not working out all that well. I'm glad I did a muslin first. I'm going to try to work it out, but I don't know. Hate it when I play it out perfectly in my head, but reality doesn't cooperate!

Uta said...

Cute shirts. What's wrong with dinosaurs? I say, wear what makes you happy! As to sewing what you're actually wearing, I think you're more enlightened than a lot of us. Um. Me. I really ought to sew some basics, but get so bored. (Then again, maybe I should try dinosaur prints?)

paco peralta said...

good day Adelaide.- thanks for your comment. Well, if you do not find the YSL pattern, let me know. no problem making a copy for you. the pattern consists of three pieces: jacket, skirt and blouse with a tie. is of size 14, bust 36. My e-mail is:

greetings, Paco

The Slapdash Sewist said...

That is a cute top! I like it as a t-shirt substitute. I am similar in what I sew--sometimes I have grand illusions, but mostly it's the simple things that I actually want to wear!

Faye Lewis said...

Thank you Adelaide. I've gotten a post from someone who has the magazine. I have so many patterns and I get so upset when I'm looking for a specific style and don't have it.

Tany said...

The tops look LOVELY!!