Friday, May 15, 2009

Back in the Saddle

So yeah, I am recuperating from another nasty cold and am finally up and around again. Of course there has been no sewing or blogging for awhile, but there has been some buying, so here's a little preview of things to come.

I have this green knit all cut out and ready to make another Simplicity 3790. I modified the pattern again, so we'll see how this one turns out.

I made a Fabric Mart purchase and came away with these beauties.

Some knit fabric to try out Vogue 8581. I want to make the short sleeved version, but with fluttery sleeves instead of gathered. (Not such a great look on me.)

Another knit. I might make the same shirt if I like it. (This is one piece of fabric that changes color gradually. I didn't know it would do that when I bought it, but it's kind of cool.)

A pretty Silk Charmeuse to make Vogue 1103. I wasn't sure about this pattern when I first saw it, but the line drawing interested me and the fabric calls out to me. This will make a nice fancy summer dress. (Which I am in desperate need of.)

I have some other projects on the burner, so we'll see which order these get done in. I don't usually sew on the weekends, but I'm hoping to get some sewing time in the next couple of days.


Lisette M said...

I like the knits you chose, I look forward to your projects.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I adore your knit prints, especially the color changing one. It would be challenging to find the right project, but once it finds its pattern mate it will be too adorable.

Lindsay T said...

Great fabric choices.