Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hits and Misses

So yeah, I didn't get any sewing done this weekend. I still felt really tired from my crappy cold and am just starting to get back to my real life as of yesterday. I did however get some sewing done today.

Simplicity 3790 basic T-shirt:
I added an inch to the length and an inch to the bottom width, so now it fits a little more like I wanted it too. Now I just have to get the sleeves right where I want them. This is a nonspectacular basic for my wardrobe. I don't like buying clothes from the store, so I'm always feeling that I am filling some hole in my closet. Someday I hope to not have that feeling and then I can make some frivolous things.

So you know that really great ITY print in the last post with the circles that gradually changed colors? Well, I cut it out and sewed it up today and, well, now it is in the "needs a few days to sit around before I admit that I will never try to salvage it" pile. The pattern sucked, the fabric didn't look good with my shape, and luckily I only had four seams to sew before I knew it was a disaster. I'm not sure that fabric ever would have looked good on me, so it's not as big a loss as it might otherwise have been.

On the subject of sweater shaving, because that is all we we ever really talk about, I bought one of those battery powered sweater shavers at Jo-Ann with my 40% off coupon, and it is seriously pretty cool. I have a sweater comb to remove the pills from my sweaters, and it has never seemed to work all that well. This little shaver works freakin wonders.

Left side unshaven.

It is not as clear in the picture as it really is, but this sweater has a new life. I made it 3 or 4 years ago and have worn it to death. I am so excited about how nice it looks now.

Ok Fine. The plus size patterns in the May BWOF did not suck. In fact, I might make one or two of those dresses.


The Slapdash Sewist said...

I have tried to make up for not having a sweater shaver by using a regular razor. It works ok, but that shaver pic is pretty convincing.

Sorry to hear the dots fabric is a wadder. :(

Uta said...

Loooove that t-shirt. The cut, the color, everything. Stealing's out of the question since you live so far away, but I may have to copy it!

Tany said...

LOvely T-shirt, I like it a lot!

I have one of those battery powered sweater shavers and I use it a lot; it works!