Sunday, September 27, 2009

Central Park Hoodie

Here is a new sweater for my crazy lovely daughter:

It is the Central Park hoodie from the fall 2006 issue of Knitscene. This sweater is pretty popular on Ravelry, which I didn't get until I needed something cute and easy for the child who decided to go to college up by the Canadian Border. (Ok, it's only an hour-and-a-half away from Seattle. Not like it's in Alaska. But I worry about her getting cold.) It was a very straightforward and easy knit. Although, it took me nine months to finish it. Yep, I started it in February. What should have taken me a maximum to two months, took me nine. Mostly due to knitting ennui. I go through not-so-interested-in-knitting phases, and this one was quite a long one. But, I finally got it all together for her before the weather started to turn.

One other thing of note is that it is knit with Lion Brand Wool-Ease (a wool and acrylic blend.) I, like most knitters, am easily seduced by lovely yarn, although I am less likely to spend as much as I would on fabric. (Although I am kinda cheap there too.) Wool-Ease is pretty low on the glamour scale, but I find it has a place in my knitting. I have a couple of Wool-Ease sweaters for myself, and I find the yarn is good for basic workhorse items that I wear all the time. I almost always make my daughter's sweaters of this yarn because it is machine washable and dryable, and even at 19 she is unlikely to handwash anything. Nor do I want her to. At this age, I don't want her to view homemade sweaters as a burden. Much better that she get some use out of all my hard work instead of worrying about ruining everything.

I have a feeling that I am going to have to make the buttonholes smaller, or the buttons bigger, but she is testing it out right now to make sure. All in all a worthwhile project. Before I start a new sweater, I need to finish a sweater vest that has been sitting around for over a year. Ack!


gold said...

Fantastic job! One day I am going to learn to knit.

Lisette M said...

I love it! Your daughter looks wonderful in it, great fit.