Friday, September 11, 2009

Quilting Cottons and Other Stuff

Hey! I have not completely disappeared from the planet, although I have been sick and not sewing much. (I have a mystery stomach ailment that has been making me pretty miserable. Although not as miserable as the antibiotics they put me on for a condition it turns out I do not have.) I am almost done with Vogue retro reprint 2902, and I recently bought a whole lot of patterns for fall, so I am hoping to get a few things done this month.

But let's get down to today's topic of interest: sewing with quilting cottons. I've read a few blog entries lately where folks were adamantly against it for a variety of reasons: fabric not suitable for clothing, not really cost effective, looks home-ec. I am a huge offender in this area. I try to make items that will suit the fabric (like my T-Shirt substitute pattern and skirts) and sometimes I fail grandly. There is just something about these fabrics that I really like. I have branched out to more conventional apparel options, but I think quilting cotton still has an appeal. (I also think it is especially easy for new sewists to handle.) I understand the arguments against it, but in the end I think it is fine to sew with whatever fabric you want. No matter how amateurish or Becky-Home Ecky your final garment looks. If you had fun making it and you feel good wearing it, what's the problem? If I wanted my clothes to look ready-to-wear, I would buy ready-to-wear. But I seldom do. I want my clothes to look better or weirder or whateverer, and sometimes I am, in fact, going for a Becky-Home Ecky vibe. I love having the option to make whatever I want, no matter how stupid it is. It's why I sew.

Up next, pictures of the new Vogue dress and some future projects. Have a good weekend!

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Uta said...

Hooray for sewing what we want. You're so right! And, I hope you get well soon.