Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Vogue Patterns

Yay! The new Vogue Patterns are on their website, and as usual there are some I love and some I hate. Here are the ones I feel most strongly about.

Vogue 1134
I like the cut of this dress more than I like the fabric.

Vogue 1135
I love Ralph Rucci with a feeling both pure and strong.

Vogue 1143
I have never wanted to make anything as much as I want to make this jacket. I think it is exquisite. I am not a big Guy Laroche fan, but this is hitting me in all the right places.

Vogue 8621
Another beautiful coat. I love that she gives both couture and regular instructions.

Vogue 1144
As I said, I love Ralph Rucci. That being said, I think this is horrible. Really Really Bad. It hurts me.

I can't wait to see everybody's choices on line.

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