Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Twinkle Sews: A Plus A-Line Skirt pt 2

Ah, the A Plus A-Line skirt. (Please see last post for cutting drama and tips.) If you have ever made a skirt before, you can make this one with just a cursory glance at the the instructions. I read through them and they seem to make sense, although I was unable to view them with the eyes of a novice sewer. Very very straightforward skirt. One thing that I did, that I always do with pleats now is to thread trace along the fold line. It makes everything go soooo easily.

This skirt has no facings. You sew the right sides of the skirt and lining together and then flip it over, topstitching the two layers together. I've done this before with other skirts, but it is a little weird here because the yoke is interfaced. I guess since this skirt is made from wool, it's not so weird to have exposed interfacing. (It's not really exposed because of the lining, but because the lining hangs free, it felt odd to do it this way.)

So here is the finished skirt, and it actually looks pretty cute lying flat.

It did not look so great on. The pleats had a very 3-D effect. Which makes sense, but the pictures in the book did not leave me to believe that I would have a wad of fabric hanging from the center of my skirt.

I like the way the thread tracing looked with fabric so I took some cream embroidery floss and did some wabi sabi* hand top stitching to flatten out those pleats.

The skirt looks ok like this, but I have a small problem in that I lost weight between starting and finishing the skirt and now it hangs funny. I'm gonna wait a few weeks and then probably put some darts in the yoke so I can at least wear it with with a shirt untucked. I'm kind of disappointed right now and not quite sure I can salvage it for at least a few months wear. (It's also not so A-Line when it is on me.) There are a lot of cute versions of this on the Burdastyle website, but they are photographed from the front, so it is hard to see any of the same issues. I would hate to waste this lovely wool flannel.

*Wabi sabi = a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.


The Slapdash Sewist said...

I love your topstitching! I have run into the same problem with center pleats on a skirt. The plus is that they disguise a tummy, the minus is that they disguise it with something even bigger!

Faye Lewis said...

Oh, your skirt is soooo cute!

Pinked Edge said...

thanks for the review! I hate when projects turn out way different that the photo...