Monday, November 30, 2009

Month of Tops #4 and #5 with a brief mention of #2 1/2 and a plan for #6

All my last minute plans to have a top #6 have been foiled due to the Flu. (Not THE Flu, I don't think, but an annoyance all the same.) I managed to finish #5 yesterday before my symptoms hit with full force. (And have these not so flattering pictures taken before I hit the Nyquil.)

#4: Vogue 8581

I am assured that this is an awful picture and that the real garment is much more flattering. Go check out the pattern picture to see what it is supposed to look like. The sleeves are still unfinished because I haven't decided whether to just hem them, or insert the elastic that the instructions call for.

The fabric is an ITY knit from Fabric Mart and I used my serger for the body, and my regular machine for the hem. The hem really doesn't look that good, but has elastic inserted and tucked under to create a little bubble shape, so no one is the wiser. If I decide to just hem the sleeves, I am probably going to try a fusible web like steam-a-seam to keep a clean look. I've yet to be successful using my regular machine with this type of fabric.

#5 2614

This is the same pattern I used for Top #3 except with the longer tie. I do love this top, but I wish I could get the pooling out of the back. Swayback adjustments are just working for me. I liked this fabric better though. It doesn't have the stiffness that the flowered fabric does. (It is awfully stiff for something labeled cotton lawn.) I also like the longer tie better.

#2 1/2 Simplicity 3789

This would have been my third shirt, but it just didn't work for me. I have a completed version, but could not get the fit right. We'll see if I decide to go back and work them out.

Plan for #6

Had I not gotten sick today, I would have tried to complete top #6. Remember top #1 that I wasn't so sure about? (Simplicity 3786) Well, I wore it and felt really cute. So, I am going to make it again in a lightweight black stretch cotton.

I just want to give a shout out to Faye. Thanks for getting us all going. I feel that my sewing desire is back, and I have 5 new tops to show for it.


Faye Lewis said...

Love your tops!, and thank you for the shoutout. Thank you also for participating. GET WELL SOON!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Fabulous job on the tops! I think they are all great.

The Accessory Lady said...

Love the black and white top. Looks so frilly and cute. Lovely work!