Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On Not Sewing

I, like most of us, go through periods where I am less interested in sewing. I haven't got much done in the past few months because of illness, and now that I am feeling a little better, I don't have much drive. Sewing is a being in the groove thing for me: I need to be in the habit of doing it in order to want to do it. I sort of enjoy it and I sort of don't. Because I have been sewing since jr high school, it's just something that I do. I also hate most of the clothes in stores and can't imagine having to rely on them to dress myself.

My no sewing mojo problem is exacerbated by the fact that that I have recently lost a lot of weight and am still going down. (Ah, the benefits of a mysterious stomach ailment. Honestly, I would rather be big.) I have two skirt projects that no longer fit by the time I finished them. They are still wearable, but the Twinkle skirt does not look so good. I am having better luck with tops right now, because they seem to last longer over a range of sizes. (I am rather tall, so I don't go down as many sizes when I lose weight. This is a blessing, or I would have no clothes at all right now.)

Because I am having better luck with shirts, I joined Faye's Month of Tops, hoping to generate some interest in sewing again. I'm still struggling to want to sew, but I have cut out two things (Which is something.) I like that there is no quota to this sew-a-long. It makes it feel more achievable to me. Wish me luck!

(I tried to upload some pictures from the Simplicity website, but both blogger and preview told me the images were corrupted. It would be really silly if they were doing this on purpose. Who doesn't want free advertising in a down economy?)


Karin said...

How frustrating it must be to sew something which you know you can't wear anymore. I'm impressed that you still keep on sewing. Honestly I would probably have thrown a garment in a corner if I realised something like that was happening :-) Isn't there a way you can size the skirts down a bit?

Adelaide B said...

I am going to wait a little bit and then add/widen some darts in the skirts. I just wear them until they are too big to even wear and then do that.

Susan said...

There's quite a list of people for the SAL. I think it will be so fun to see all the projects that come out of this.