Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Simplicity 2614

Simplicity 2614

I've made this shirt before, so it only took a couple of hours to complete after I cut it out. Technically, this is shirt number 4, but shirt 3 is in the wash. I'll photograph that one tomorrow.

I love this pattern, except for the pooling in the back. I made a swayback adjustment and took out about an inch, but the pooling is still there. Totally annoying. But I love this shirt and I will still wear it. The fabric is a cotton lawn from Fashion Fabrics Club. I also messed up by having 2 large flowers over my bust, but the tie breaks it up, so I don't care.


Sharon said...

I'm chuckling as I read this because I've also "messed up" by having two large flowers over my bust and like the top so much I wore it hoping no one would notice. Very cute fabric by the way.

Lisette M said...

Very cute top, I really didn't notice the placement until you mentioned it!