Friday, December 25, 2009

Best Husband Ever

In addition to making the best Christmas Eve dinner ever (and for 15 people,) my husband went above and beyond this year for my present. I got a Jimmy Carter peanut mug, my annual Xmas business book (Too Big to Fail,) and an assortment of Vogue magazines from 1909 to 1954. Yup, he haunted ebay for weeks bidding on these mags. Here is a sampling of some of the covers. (He also got me a Home Arts from the 30's and some Modern Priscillas from the 20's.)

Feb 1909

October 1918

March 1940

December 1940

April 1954

Merry Christmas!


Christina said...

Wow, those magazines are a fantastic gift!

elan said...

D rocks!