Friday, December 18, 2009

Butterick 5249

So, loosely inspired by a skirt I saw online, I decided to veer from my December sewing plan, and make up Butterick 5249. I generally do not like Butterick patterns because they seem sort of dowdy to me, but this pattern was mentioned in an issue of Threads and I kind of liked it. I had no intention of ever making the ruffle bottom version, but denim + ruffle bottom = kind of what was in my mind. Here is the obligatory bad picture of me in the skirt. (I know a great many of my pictures suck. Between crappy camera, husband who shoots at an angle that makes my legs look stumpy, and my inability to strike a pose, it is a fairly lost cause. I'm working on it.)

Here is the skirt laid out flat so you can get some better detail. (I had worn it, and then ironed it, which explains some of the wonkiness.)

I don't care how crappy the pictures are, I look really cute in this skirt. It is a high-waisted skirt, and I am not yet at the point where I want to be tucking things in, but I took a great deal of care in constructing this skirt so that I could take it apart and increase the seams as I get smaller. (I am still on my downward trend.) I LOVE this thing. I don't need another one right now, and it is not a style I usually go for, but it fits perfect and I feel good in it. (Two things to note: The ruffle does not go all the way round the bottom. The front panel is ruffle free. Had it not been, I would not have made it. Also, before hemming it 2 inches, the length was seriously dowdy. I was very unhappy at that point.)

And, I learned some new skills.

Skill #1: Insertion of an invisible zipper. (One of the nice ladies at Nancy's Sewing Basket gave me a good pep talk. And I got an invisible zipper foot.) It is not perfect, but it is GOOD ENOUGH!

Look; practically invisible.

Skill #2: I used my blind stitch foot to do the hem. It also is practically invisible! (Well, not really, but it is a nice compromise between a straight stitch machine hem and a hand stitched hem.)

Next up, my New Years dress! (Maybe.)

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