Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year's Dress Failure

I am almost always unsuccessful in my quest to make a cute New Year's dress, and this year was no exception. Meet Simplicity 2497, view B (before the sleeves have been attached. Which they never were, because I stopped work on this dress.)

This is not a particularly fancy dress, but I don't really go fancy on New Years. I stop by the Elks, go hang out at my friend's bar, go home early, and then watch trashy tv. I don't need too much fancy.

Except for the side zipper, this Cynthia Rowley dress is very easy and straightforward to put together. The side zipper is a total pain because you have to insert it down the side and into the pocket. Which I had trouble figuring out and pretty much got it wrong. (At this point I was sewing out of control. You know what I mean. It's that point in the project where you are just trying to get it to work any way you can and the directions have pretty much fallen by the side of the road. If I were to do this again, I might just leave the pockets out.)

Although the zipper side is by no means perfect, it was wearable. My husband said any wonkiness looked like I had just taken my hand out of my pocket. (I will settle for less than perfect. Far less it turns out.) No, the real trouble came during the million times I tried the dress on. It looks like crap on me. It is in no way flattering to my figure. Really not flattering. If I was a larger lady, I would stay away from this pattern. Even my husband who is smart enough to say I look good in everything, told me it was bad. It looked okayish head on, but the side view just made me look really really big. I had doubts about this dress before I cut it out, but my fabric was cheap enough that I figured it wasn't worth it to make a muslin. Well, my reservations were correct.

Oh well, I have my red skirt with the blue embroidery that always serves me well. I will triumph.


Tany said...

I'm sorry this dress didn't work out for you...

Happy New Year, Adelaide!

Faye Lewis said...

Sorry you had that problem. I left an award for you on my blog.