Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Colette Patterns Sencha Blouse #1

I finished my Sencha Blouse from Colette Patterns and I am very happy with it. This is one of those instances when I traced the pattern rather than cutting into it. (As per usual, I used the reverse side of super sale patterns that I bought when I must have been on crack.) I was between sizes, and went for the next size up. This worked just fine for me.

There are only 4 pattern pieces: front, back, front facing, and back facing. The tissue has some misprinting where it tells you to cut interfacing where obviously no interfacing belongs. It's pretty obvious that you only cut interfacing for the facing pieces. No biggy. (Unless I was a super novice. This pattern is rated beginner, but I would not pick it for my first project.)

I made a muslin, and the only change I made was to use a 1 1/2 seam allowance on the neck/facing seam. It seemed a little tight to me, and I felt the wider neckline was more flattering. (You can tell in the muslin photo that a crisp fabric, while easier to sew, is not suitable for this pattern. Not terribly flattering.

And now: Ta Da! (Worn with my high-waisted denim skirt)

This was a straightforward sew and I had no issues with the muslin. I did have some problems with the actual garment because of the polyester fabric. It unraveled like you would not believe, and ran with every other touch of my needle when I was hand sewing. Ah. The way the sleeves work, you can't use french seams on the side seams, so I just serged instead. Not optimal, but no unraveling.

Next time I make this, I think I will hem the sleeves a little differently. The directions call for turning up a narrow hem, and then turning that under into a much deeper hem. I machine-stitched the first turn (One arm straight stitch, the other zig zag. Just trying stuff out.) and I felt this created too much stiffness in the sleeve opening. I want it to be looser, so, I think I will hand stitch the first turn and see if that works better.

There is a lot of hand stitching on this blouse: sleeves and back facings. (It's not that much, but on this fabric that's a lot.) I also ended up hand rolling the hem, because I had some issues. It doesn't look so great, but I'll just have to tuck it in.

Here is a detail of the buttons I used on the back. (It's not the greatest picture, but it's the best I could get.)

I am a very happy camper!


NGLaLALa said...

LOVE your top!! It looks great! That's for the interfacing tip, too! Hehehe... I just bought this pattern and hopefully I'll get around to sooner than later. :)

Little Hunting Creek said...

Very prettym I love that fabric even though it does unravel :)

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I would have guessed the fabric to be silk so you fooled me!

Uta said...

So lovely! Thank you for the link to Colette suppliers; I'm still debating whether the pattern is worth 15 English Pounds PLUS postage to me... But lovely, lovely, lovely! (I'd love to see a full picture of the back.)

Faye Lewis said...

I know my queue is overflowing too.
Very nice top!

Melissa said...

I just finished my Sencha blouse last weekend. Yours looks great!

Sarai said...

Oh yay, thanks for posting about the blouse! It really does look lovely.

britt said...

Your blouse turned out lovely! It has a really flattering fit. I might have to give it a try!

Linda said...

I keep thinking I want to buy this pattern and ran across your review at PR. Blouse looks great and goes well with your skirt.

raquel said...

I just bought this pattern today and found your review. Well done! Your blouse looks beautiful and you look fantastic.
Thank you for the tips!
Raquel from Florida