Sunday, January 31, 2010

Need Help Please

So I am working on my BWOF bias skirt with the side zipper and am having some major issues with said zipper.

Top View:

Side View:

Yup. Ripple ripple ripple. Here is what I have done trying to avoid this.

1) I have really wide seam allowances per all sorts of sources.
2) The seam allowance is interfaced. (Not helpful.)
3) Being a painter, I have tons of canvas around, so I cut two strips and basted them to the seam allowance (down to a couple inches below the zipper.) That actually helped a little, but now there is just one big ripple.

I am not having a total meltdown but I am very frustrated. If anyone has any suggestions on how to save this, I would really appreciate it. I guess I can just wear really long shirts with this skirt, but I'd rather have some more options.


Barbara said...

I would reinsert it by hand. Baste first, and when I'm sure the shape is good I would pickstitch it in. Hope this helps. Good luck!

Susan said...

I haven't done a lot with bias cut fabrics, yet. Hope it works out!

Andrea said...

I agree with Barbara. Take the zipper out and insert it again by hand basting it first. I find that if I baste first, I get a nicer/cleaner look with my zipper insertion.

Thank you so much for a nice comment you left me today.

Faye Lewis said...

The hand basting sounds like a great idea.