Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spring Vogue Patterns Are Out

There are three of the new spring vogue patterns that I like, but probably will not buy, and there are three that I will totally buy. The rest are kind of meh to me. I like the new website changes though.

We'll start with the kind of likes.


This is a Rebecca Taylor design, and it's pretty cool. (Although you need to look at the line drawing to see the details.) I don't really like the asymmetrical hem (they have their place) but that can be easily fixed. This dress just skews to young for me. If I were 10 years younger I would totally wear this. (Now listen, I dress age inappropriately all the time. I'm 41; it's my job. However, the puff sleeves and bodice details read little girl party dress to me. If you are 57 and want to were this dress, more power to you! I'm sure the next thing I sew will have all these things and you will all mock me.)


I really like some of the latest Guy Laroche patterns. The sleeves on this one are cool, but I am not super fond of all the asymmetry going on here. One or two details are cool, but this is too much for me. TOO MUCH I say. Ok, not that big of a deal.


Just a pretty DKNY dress. Maybe I just like the fabric.

Now the designs I really like!


Another Rebecca Taylor design. Youngish, but not too bad. I would take off that flower thingy. I might also just do a traditional kick pleat in the back of the skirt instead of the ruffle thingy. Will I probably actually make this? No. Will I buy it and really enjoy thinking about it? Yup.


Like the retro styling with the collar. Like the custom fit for different cup sizes.


I really like this meld of modern and 50's styling. I really want to make this one!

Up next, my completed Sencha blouse. It's been done for a while, I just need to get the pictures taken.

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