Friday, March 26, 2010

To Be Fair

Ok, not all of the new Vogue patterns are craptacular, but I am really only interested in making this cute little retro number.

Some of the other nice ones (that I will not be making because they just aren't me) are:

Ok. Maybe this last one might make its way on to my list. We'll see.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

My Eyes! My Eyes!

This is the ugliest bunch of patterns I have seen in a long time. Is this really what Vogue thinks we want to wear? I'd be totally insulted if I wasn't laughing so hard.

Monday, March 22, 2010

1st Mini Wardrobe Item: Pencil Skirt

Yay, I finished my first item for the Mini Wardrobe contest!

One Hot Patterns Plain & Simple 24/7 pencil skirt:

I've made this pattern before, so it was pretty simple to do it again. I only looked at the directions to take note of all the seam allowance widths. (I did have to cut a size smaller than I used to wear.) It is made from a blue cord I got from Fashion Fabric Club. It's a lot stiffer than I expected, but I think it looks fine for a pencil skirt. It is lined with a white poly and has an invisible zip.

Next time I make this skirt, I think I might peg it just a little bit more. I really like this pattern. (I am less fond of the A-Line skirt, but I might make one again just to confirm my opinion.)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pattern Review Mini Wardrobe Contest

Since I have pretty much lost my will to sew (but not, it appears, my will to buy sewing supplies) I am going to enter the Pattern Review Mini Wardrobe Contest. Hopefully, this will help get me back on track. The rules are simple: create four garments, that combined will create four different looks. I have a plan: two shirts, two skirts.

The Plan.
(The Plan is subject to change.)

Item one: Hot Patterns Plain and Simple 24/7 pencil skirt

This will be sewn in a blue corduroy from Fashion Fabric Club.

Item 2: McCalls 5522 (Over the elbow sleeves and with the ruffle. I think.)

This is a stretch cotton shirting also from Fashion Fabric Club.

Item 3: Colette Patterns Sencha blouse. (Not sure which view.)

Cotton Batiste from Gorgeous Fabrics.

Item 4: Skirt designed by me. (In progress.)

Red stretch twill also from Gorgeous Fabrics. (Matches better with the blue and red plaid than pictures may lead you to believe.)

Yay. I hope this helps get me back in my groove.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Finally, some sewing: Gertie's slip pattern

I am on the mend and was able to do a little sewing this weekend. I wanted something simple to make, so I revisited Gertie's half-slip tutorial. ( I made 2 of these as Christmas presents for my daughter and did not post them here for reasons of secrecy. One cream, one grey, both with lavender thread and trim.) My daughter can always use a slip (or so I, as her mother, think) and this is a quick sew. (It is also good for little bits of lining that are too small to make something for me, but too big to toss. Just perfect for my size 2 daughter.)

Here is a close up of the scallop detail. (And here are Gertie's instructions for that variation.)

The only thing I do differently from the instructions is to serge the top edge before I insert the elastic. I'll wash this once and then trim any stray threads along the bottom edge. This is a totally cute and easy project. If you aren't reading Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing, you ought to. It's a lot of fun.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Skirt Detail: Advance 6224

This is my latest vintage pattern acquisition.

I bought it because I was very interested in the high-waisted red version. (I do like a high-waisted skirt.) The picture on ebay wasn't so great, so I couldn't really get a good sense of how it looked. I was really happy when I got this because I think it is a lovely skirt. I was made even more happy when I looked at the pattern back and saw how this skirt is put together.

The skirt fastens in the front, with a bib part that goes around to the back. I love this kind of stuff. The more I get into sewing, the more I love little details like this. I am really interested in how things are put together, and I love it when I find something a little unexpected. (I also like what looks like two little kick pleats in the back.) What kind of details are you guys into? I have only recently found myself totally into vintage garment construction and would love to know what gets you guys excited about a pattern.

And for those who like this kind of thing, the full pattern back. (Click on image to make bigger.)