Monday, March 22, 2010

1st Mini Wardrobe Item: Pencil Skirt

Yay, I finished my first item for the Mini Wardrobe contest!

One Hot Patterns Plain & Simple 24/7 pencil skirt:

I've made this pattern before, so it was pretty simple to do it again. I only looked at the directions to take note of all the seam allowance widths. (I did have to cut a size smaller than I used to wear.) It is made from a blue cord I got from Fashion Fabric Club. It's a lot stiffer than I expected, but I think it looks fine for a pencil skirt. It is lined with a white poly and has an invisible zip.

Next time I make this skirt, I think I might peg it just a little bit more. I really like this pattern. (I am less fond of the A-Line skirt, but I might make one again just to confirm my opinion.)


Faye Lewis said...

Great! I do love a pencil skirt. I think it looks great in that fabric.

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely skirt. I have that HP pattern too! You've inspired me to get it out!