Monday, March 1, 2010

Skirt Detail: Advance 6224

This is my latest vintage pattern acquisition.

I bought it because I was very interested in the high-waisted red version. (I do like a high-waisted skirt.) The picture on ebay wasn't so great, so I couldn't really get a good sense of how it looked. I was really happy when I got this because I think it is a lovely skirt. I was made even more happy when I looked at the pattern back and saw how this skirt is put together.

The skirt fastens in the front, with a bib part that goes around to the back. I love this kind of stuff. The more I get into sewing, the more I love little details like this. I am really interested in how things are put together, and I love it when I find something a little unexpected. (I also like what looks like two little kick pleats in the back.) What kind of details are you guys into? I have only recently found myself totally into vintage garment construction and would love to know what gets you guys excited about a pattern.

And for those who like this kind of thing, the full pattern back. (Click on image to make bigger.)


Uta said...

What an interesting pattern! I don't really know about vintage patterns, but I agree it's the details that make a pattern attractive. Personally, I tend to go for "classic" patterns that have interesting details rather than fashionable silhouettes. That said, I'd like to make more stuff for me, and I've realized that making it all "interesting" results in less productivity... So I may have to go for simpler patterns! BTW, thank you for addressing my questions in your last post. If you're done with taking pictures, of course that's fine by me!!

Karin said...

The skirt looks really nice. I think it will make you waist look beautiful. Can't wait to see the final result!

Faye Lewis said...

Girl I know - and you on me too! Help figure this thing out will you. We can do one together if you like.

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous pattern! I love that kind of detail. I could only love it more if that middle panel in the red one hid pockets (wonder if that would be hard to add?). It will be a bit a-line, from the pattern, but I am so tempted to try to fit up a pattern from the back of the envelope shot!

jkubenka said...

This pattern is made of awesome! I am also looking for a good high-waisted skirt pattern, and I am very interested in your construction details.