Thursday, April 8, 2010

Colette Patterns Sencha Blouse #2

I have finished my third item for the PR mini wardrobe contest. I've done a second version of the the Colette Patterns Sencha Blouse. (Here is my previous in-depth review)

The back view for thems that like that sort of thing.

The fabric is a very lovely cotton batiste from Gorgeous Fabrics, and I just love it! Super cute. I used the same cream buttons that I used on my previous blouse. Both blouses have a very subtle cream detail in the fabric, so I chose to highlight that with the buttons. I also made the buttonholes with cream thread, instead of the white I used on the rest of the garment. (I always try to match the buttons, not the garment. Although, like any rule, that one is meant to be broken.) (You can click on the image to make it a little bigger to see the button detail.) The fabric is a little busy, so I chose the simplest version of the pattern. (Can't really see the details.)

I really like this top, but the fabric is crisper than the poly I used before, and I don't think it is as flattering. In my opinion, I think this top is best done in a drapey fabric and worn tucked in. However, I think it looks just fine in a very lightweight cotton and not tucked in. (And more practical for real life.)

I opened the neckline up by 7/8 inch like I did last time. However, one change that I forgot to mention in the last review, was the fact that I moved the bottom armhole marking down one inch. I found that the armhole was a little too tight for me, so I opened it up a bit. (You'll know what I mean if about the placement if you make this up.) In this version, I also interfaced the center-back facings. Last time I made this blouse, I didn't feel the button holes had enough support even though I used tear-away stabilizer. The instructions do not call for interfacing here, but I used a very lightweight iron-on that worked very nicely.


Angela said...

Cute! Love the print!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

That's a nice version. Your print is really cute and it will be very comfortable in hot weather.

Faye Lewis said...

That is sooo cute!