Thursday, April 1, 2010

McCall's 5522

Due to a series of crappy incidents, no sewing was done last week. However, I finally got something finished today. My second item for the mini wardrobe challenge.

McCalls's 5522:

This photo is showing a suspicious bulge line around my waist. As far as I know I don't really have a spare tire. It's driving me nuts and is all I can see in the picture. ACK. I am too lazy to take another picture right now, so there you are. I am blaming my skirt. (Or the wrinkles in the back that you will see in the next picture.) I have no such imperfections. (If you buy that, I have a bridge you might want.)

Back View:

That pooling in the back is pretty annoying. Looks like I need a swayback adjustment. I'm not quite sure how to do it with those two vertical seams, but I will try to work some magic.

I am pretty happy with this blouse, and feel like I've done some really nice work. I did not make a muslin, and I probably should have. In addition to the pooling in the back, the armholes on this thing are ginormous. HUGE!

If you have this pattern, you may notice that the sleeve I used is not an option given on the envelope. The long sleeves are too long (it's Spring!) and the shorter sleeves are too poofy. They might be fine, but with the ruffle along the placket, I thought it would be totally too much. I just grabbed a sleeve I liked from a Simplicity pattern and used it instead. It wasn't a perfect match, but it worked on the fly. (I was not really up to any complicated adjustments this week.) This sleeve is normally pretty gathery at the top, but because the armscye is so HUGE, it is a little flatter.

Things I will do if I make this again.
  • Redraft that armscye. HUGE!
  • Make a special cap sleeve just for this pattern.
  • Swayback adjustment.
  • Draft a Peter Pan collar. I think it would look super cute. I have a vintage pattern with a Peter Pan collar and a ruffle and it is adorable.
I'm not sure how comfortable I am with that ruffle, but I won't know until I wear it a couple of times. I also had a lot of plaid matching on this shirt, some of which was successful, some not so much. However, I hoped the plaid was small enough that some mismatching would be no big deal. Looks fine to me.

Next up, Sencha #2.


Faye Lewis said...

I like the ruffle and the entire top. Very cute!

Linda said...
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Linda said...

Let me start again. I think your top is adorable and very flattering. I like the sleeves you chose. I made a muslin before I made this pattern. I did take in around 3 inches from the armseye, but I normally take in alot from the armseye so I guess I didn't equate it with a pattern flaw. I usually equate it with a Linda flaw. The big sleeves were perfect for my big arms, probably not so great for everyone else. I love the ruffle. I'm going to have to make one with the ruffle.

KID, MD said...

Cute!! I really must make this blouse. Good to know about the armhole!

Debi said...

I adore this blouse and love the ruffle.. The fabric is stunning!!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Adorable! I think the ruffle works well because it's on a small scale.

Bonnie said...

I love it! So so cute!

Uta said...

I didn't see a roll until you pointed it out... that means it's not really there! I like the blouse a lot; it would look great with a denim skirt, or to break up a classic navy blazer!

Angela said...


Faye Lewis said...

Picture: Of course I did, she knows that she is the blog photographer (lol). I handed that camera right over to her at the end of second period.

Faye Lewis said...

FINALLY got your pattern traced off, forgot I don't have your address. You can email it to me at:

Raquel from Florida said...

How do you redraft the armcyce??? I have the same problem sometimes. Could you do a tutorial on this matter? Btw, I love the blouse!!!
Thank you!
Raquel from Florida

Anonymous said...

That top is insanely cute!!
You are inspiring me to join the next contest.