Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hip Pad Pt.2 Dior

I've been a little obsessed with hip pads this week and have had some fun looking at dresses that have them on the Internet. (Most hip pad links are for cross dressers who want a more curvaceous figure. More power to them!) My favorites belonging to Dior of course. A lot of his early New Look clothing was very sculptural, and hip pads were just another tool in his arsenal.

(The images below are from the Metropolitan Museum of Art where they have other photos of some very beautiful Dior dresses. Drooling. Clicking on the images will make them bigger.)

"Chérie" dinner dress 1947

That hem is something like 13 1/2 yards. Hand hemmed.

"Bar" Suit and Jacket 1947

Long time readers will know that this is my favorite jacket ever.

"La Cigale" Dress 1952 - 53

Look at that thing. Crazy, no? I love it. That skirt is a masterpiece of engineering.


Twill Jill said...

I never knew about hip pads til I found your post on Sew Retro. I suppose they're no different than stuffing your bra. We all want what we can't have. I might try them sometime, just for fun. Not that I need more padding...Interesting topic!

Nancy said...

Great post!

Faye Lewis said...

Thank you Pretty Sweet! Did you ever get your pattern/

MarieBayArea said...