Thursday, May 27, 2010

Simplicity 2451

After not sewing for 2 weeks, I went a little crazy yesterday and knocked out a new skirt. I have been wanting a kicky summer skirt that I could dress both up and down so I looked into my pattern collection and picked out this:

Simplicity 3251

The fabric is a lovely tweedy linen that I got at Gorgeous Fabrics. (They still have some and it is on sale, btw. Also in black and green.) I really really like this fabric. It was nice to work with and it just has a great hand.

The finished product!

I think this skirt will look great in a variety of situations. I love that is swingy and fun.

I did not read the instructions, because it is fairly straightforward pattern. I inserted an invisible zipper and a lining. (Neither of which is called for. I forgot that the front side piece has a section cut out for the pockets when cutting the lining, but I just added a little piece there later.)

Top of the skirt details:

The skirt fits really well except for the yoke part. I did not make a muslin of this skirt, but fit as I went along. I must have misfitted the yoke, because when I was finished, It was waaaaayyy too big. (And I thought the yoke was cut funny. If I make this again, I am going to completely redraft the yoke. Don't like it at all.) Rather than taking the entire thing apart, I just hand-seamed the yoke side seams more. No one will notice and I never tuck in my shirts anyway. Except for that one thing (and maybe the fact that my lining hem looks like I was drunk when I did it) I am pretty pleased with with this skirt. (For some reason, my linings never look as nice as the garment itself. I just need to learn how to manipulate that tricky polyester crap. My serger hates it too. And yes I know I could spend more and get higher quality lining. I'm not quite there yet in my mind.)


Karin (the Mrs.) said...

Cute skirt! I can imagine it's very versatile and can be worn with all kinds of colours. You can never have too many skirts like that :-)

I love linings by the way. I don't know why, but I like adding little details to the inside of garments, like a little lace on the edge of a lining, or some ribbon, etc. I know nobody sees it but me, but it feels luxurious and special and really worth it!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I really like that pattern, and I'm glad to see that it sews up as cute as the envelope photo! I know what you mean about lining cost... I don't like polyester, so I usually use Bemberg rayon, and it's pricey... sometimes the lining fabric has cost more than the dress fabric, which seems crazy (but it feels so nice and cool on!)

KID, MD said...

I love this pattern!! I've been on the hunt for the perfect fabric to make it up myself. I think your version is adorable.

Faye Lewis said...

That is cute. I like the waist treatment too.

Angela said...

Cute! I have that pattern, too, and it's on my list of spring (now summer) sewing list. Oh I did receive your book. Thanks so much! I've been reading and know I know what you mean about the numbers. Hopefully, I'll some time to draft the skirt this weekend.

Uta said...

I love the shape of that skirt, so feminine! Also, you may know from my blog that I love gray skirts... I hope you wear it as much as I do mine!

MarieBayArea said...

cute skirt. happy to find your blog