Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Cynthia Rowley Dress

I fell in love with the sleeve detail on this Simplicity 2406, but knew from previous experience that Cynthia Rowley Patterns are not going to flatter me at all.

So, I made it for my daughter, Senorita Ham.

I made the shorter version of the dress, and had to rework the sleeves to fit someones very little arms. Here is the first version.

She also felt that the armscye was waaaay to low, so first off, I raised that by 2 inches.

Then I took some out of the sleeve length and width.

The above changes resulted in this. Better, but not good.

I ended up taking another inch out of the sleeve width and making the cut-out bigger to make up for all that I had taken out. Now we have the final version. Much much better.

The fabric is a waffle linen I bought from Gorgeous Fabrics. It was a little too thick for this design, but it did ok. (My daughter really wanted a yellow dress and I really wanted to make this dress out of linen.) The thickness of the fabric made it a little hard to get the joins between the dress body and sleeves just right, but if my daughter doesn't notice anything wrong, I can totally be in denial.

One other very important change I made was at the top of the sleeve where the front and back meet. I added 1/2 inch width there so I could pass all the fabric through there when I was turning it right side out. Even with my muslin, I had a hard time with it. There would have been no way with this linen.

I also omitted the slit detail in the back so she could wear a bra with this see-though fabric. She was able to slip the dress over her head, so I just left out the zipper as well.

All in all, this was an easy and fun sew.


Andrea said...

Hey Ms. A, you did a beautiful job on this dress with the minor alterations. You daughter looks lovely.

Uta said...

Very, very pretty! (Both your daughter and the dress.)

Gigi said...

That's adorable! This dress is definitely on my short list for summer.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

So cute! The sleeves are a nice detail. I don't know that I would call 2 muslins a fun, easy sew, though!