Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sneak Peak

Okey doke. Drumroll please. Here it is, my muslin for my very first self-drafted dress. It ain't fancy, but it's all me! (The light is weird on my bosom area, but I think you get the drift.)

This is a very simple bodice, sleeve, and skirt. For my first foray out, I wanted to make something achievable, so that I wouldn't get too frustrated. (Believe me, I got plenty frustrated without trying to get all fancy.) I am going for a sort of 50's vintage feel. We'll see.

I used Metric Pattern Cutting for Women's Wear by my homegirl Winifred Aldrich. (I went out and added the newest edition to the second edition I already had.) For the most part, the instructions were very clear and I didn't have many issues with the actual drafting. It was fitting that killed me. Finally, after many trial and errors, I figured out 4 very important things.

1) The close fitting bodice had too much ease for me and I felt it made things fit funny. Took out some of that ease.

2) I have sloping shoulders. I took at 1/2 centimeters from the shoulder at the arm end.

3) Armscye needed to be lowered just a little. (.5 cm from when I lowered the shoulder and another .5 just for fit.)

4) It's important to play around with those bust darts until they look good.

It is by no means perfect. I think there is a little weirdness going on in the back of the sleeve, there might be a little gaping at the neckline, and there is a weird drag line in the front of the bodice by the armscye. ( I'm not sure if it is supposed to be there or not. I've been checking out other shirts and dresses, and a lot of people have it. Not sure if it is poor fitting or not.)

However, I do not care about anymore imperfections. I spent so long on this bodice, I need a dang dress now! (Looking back on it, the changes are not so revolutionary, but I kept going off on wild fitting issue tangets. I kept having to start all over again because I would end up making changes that I didn't really need.)

View from the back:

I have my fabric for the dress all cut out to sew up. I AM SO EXCITED!


Andrea said...

Hello!!!! Your first attempt at making a self drafted dress pattern looks fabulous!!! I can't wait to see the dress made up in the actual fabric you are going to use. Kudos to you. I think I need to go and get that book.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, cute and nice fit too! The cut reminds me of the pretty Knipmode dress you made for your mom. Congrats on the successful draft!

Anonymous said...

Oh geez, sorry for the nutso comment about the dress for your mom! I had you confused with another blogger :) But the draft is still great!

Faye Lewis said...

You did a great job - you are really brave too.