Thursday, September 30, 2010

Muslin for Hot Patterns Relaxed T-Shirts

This is the new T-Shirt Pattern put out by Hot Patterns. I know know know that I usually take one size smaller in these patterns than my measurements usually indicate on the package. (WHY? How hard is it to put the finished garment measurements on the envelope? I know that I can measure the flat pattern pieces but it's hard to know where exactly to measure them and why should I have to.) That's why I always make a muslin with this company, no matter how simple the garment.

This is not "long, lean, and slightly slouchy." Well, ok, it is long. (The hem allowance is only an inch.)

I should tell you that the scoop neck is so scoopy that I have to wear I cami because you don't need to know the brand of my bra.

On a pleasant note, this is the rayon jersey that I bought before my last rayon jersey fiasco. This stuff is much nicer and more like T-shirt material. I may try to save this shirt. I haven't made up my mind yet. I have some ideas though.

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Angela said...

I think you could use it to make a more fitted top or maybe even a skirt if you'd like to salvage the fabric.