Friday, September 24, 2010

New Vogue Patterns

Well, there are some new vogue patterns up on the website. And I have to say, a bigger snoozefest has seldom been seen. There is only one super cracktastic outfit (although there is their usual amount of asymmetrical weirdness.) And, there are a lot of very nice dresses. None of them, however, are anything new or outstanding: nice lines, but kinda boring. There are also lots of shapeless tunics, cause I guess that is what looks great on women. Ick. Take a look for yourself.

Here is your coat on crack.

V1213 (Koos Van Den Akker, of course.)

Here is the one dress I was kind of drawn to. This might be fun to make for my daughter. (Don't tell her that though. Then I'll have to make it.)

V1209 (Rachel Comey design)

The two vintage reprints were kind of cool.

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