Thursday, October 21, 2010

Muslin #2 for Hot Patterns Relaxed T-shirt

I have completed a second muslin for the new relaxed t-shirt from Hot Patterns. You might remember that my first muslin was too relaxed. (This is a 16 from the envelope.)

Still not there.

The shoulders and neckline have been moved down to a size 8, while the body is a size 14. The shoulders and sleeves are okay, but the neckline is still too wide. (Although the depth is good. You can tell by looking at the pattern what the problem is with the neckline depth in the larger sizes: the shoulder height keeps going up as the sizes get larger, but the neckline never gets raised. I am pretty sure my shoulders didn't get taller as I gained weight.) The width issues give me a funny little puckery thing at center front.

The width through the body is still too much and it gives me funny drag lines at the sides. It is too short at this point, but that is my fault. When I cut some off the bottom, I forgot to factor in the amount I was losing from the reduction in shoulder height. This picture is cropped so closely, because the shirt hits me in the worst place. Not good.

I'll give this one more try, although I'm not too happy about endless muslins on a t-shirt. I can accept that this style may not suit me. I am not however, to happy with some of the things that look like grading issues. It's hard to grade a pattern correctly so fit such a huge range of sizes, but the neck depth issue is kind of a no brainer.


The Slapdash Sewist said...

You have a lot of patience! I tried one HP and I think grading too far was an issue for me as well--I think they start at a 16 and grade up and down from there, and by the time it got to my size it was just never going to fit.

Angela said...

You are very patient. I don't even like to make one muslin... but to do three! Hehe... good luck!