Monday, October 11, 2010

Simplicity 6742: More Inverted Pleats

I am currently working on vintage pattern Simplicity 6742. (The six gore skirt with little inverted pleats in the side front and side back seams.)

Instead of grading this pattern up (my hips have not been 36 inches for a very long time), I decided to use my skirt block that I created using my trusty Metric Pattern Cutting for Women. It's the basic straight skirt sloper that I used to create the other two skirts that I drafted. To modify that skirt to this, I divided the skirt into 6 gores, added just a tiny bit of flare to the sides (2cm), and created the 4 inverted pleat sections. Unlike my last skirt, the inverted pleats do not run all the way up the skirt length.

Why draft my own skirt instead of grading this pattern up? I just finished my muslin on Friday and it fit me on the first try. It doesn't always happen (sometimes design changes can have an interesting impact on fit) but this time it did. Woo Hoo! Plus, I get to work on my drafting skills and easily make any kind of changes that I want. I let it set over the weekend to think about how I want to handle the waistband, and I think I'm just going to follow the straight waistband on the pattern.

Here is the back of the pattern. (I reoriented it in my photo software, but blogger will have none of it. Whatever.)

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Faye Lewis said...

You are such a skirt girl and I do understand. I think that pattern is gorgeous.