Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Simplicity 6742: The Muslin

The muslin for the Simplicity 6742 is finished. I didn't like the waist treatment on the pattern, so I just did a facing. It was much more comfortable to me.

Here is a refresher on how the skirt is supposed to turn out.

Here is how the actual muslin turned out. There are a few small differences (waist, and number of darts,) but it's close enough for me to want to cut into my fashion fabric. (Which is the same color as the muslin, coincidentally.)

For comparison's sake, here is my straight skirt block, the mother of all my skirts.

It's very plain, straight up and down with no pegging or flare. I would never want to make a skirt like this, but this pattern is what makes all the other magic happen.

Changes that I made.
  • I added 2 cm of flare to each side. The line drawing on the pattern indicated that there was just a little teeny tiny flare. I like the way it looks.
  • I changed to to a six gore. I used the ratio of front to side-front and back to side-back that the original pattern used to place my princess lines.
  • Moved (or removed) my darts accordingly.
  • Moved the zipper to the side.
  • Added a two inch hem allowance. (Block has none.)
  • Added a waist facing. (Block has none.)
  • Added small inverted pleats to the side-front and side-back seams.
The back:

Now to cut out my fashion fabric!


Angela said...

Cool! The style looks great on you!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Nice job capturing the details! I really need to get around to drafting a skirt block.