Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Finally! Simplicity 3692

So, I finally found a T-shirt pattern that I think might work for me. It's an out of print Built by You (Wendy) from Simplicity. I bought all of these when they came out and have had varying levels of success. I made a super cute dress from this pattern when I was in business school and it still serves as my "I need a black dress right now" go-to dress.

I made some shirts from this as well, but they seldom got worn because they were too big. (The dress was made from a double knit with little stretch, so the bigger size kind of works in its favor.)

Here is my muslin. I need to move the gathers toward center front a bit so they are above the ladies and not so much to the side. This is some awful rayon blend fabric that I got super cheap to make muslins with. I ended up loving the color and the fit wasn't so bad, so I added a little embroidery to the yoke. (The pattern is from Sublime Stitching and I just added some lightweight tear-away stabilizer to the back so the fabric would not stretch.)

Close up:

It's not the most awesomest shirt in the world, but it is certainly good enough to wear around the house or to the ceramics studio. I have some more knit fabric coming, and I'll be curious to see how this will look in a nicer fabric.


KID, MD said...

It is a pretty color, and a very nice design. I can definitely see that becoming a favorite tee pattern!

Andrea said...

Your blouse is beautiful!!! I love Jen's designs from Sublime stitching. I have a few of her designs myself, but have yet to work them up.

Faye Lewis said...

That is a pretty color. The top looks nice and flowey.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I went through an embroidery phase several years ago and have a big collection of sublime stitching! Like your use of it here.

Angela said...

Ooo.. very nice! I'm glad you were able to find a tshirt pattern. I love the embroidery!

Tany said...

There are some nice details about this top, I think you found yourself a winner!