Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crepe Sew-A-Long

I've decided to participate in Gertie's Sew-A-Long for the Crepe pattern from Colette Patterns. (However, I want my dress done for Christmas, so I intend to be a little speedier than what she has for her schedule.) I have some beautiful red chambray from ready to go, and am working on my muslin. The pattern is made for beginners, so I am not expecting too many sewing challenges. (Fitting challenges are a whole other matter though!)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crazy Town: Simplicity 3964

Many years ago (I dunno. At least 2, but more like 3, 4, or 5) I fell in love with Simplicity's Built by You Patterns designed by Wendy Mullin. (Of Built by Wendy.) I made the below pattern and have worn the death out of it.

The poof has gone from the sleeve, the elastic has started to peek through at the armhole, it's made from quilting cotton, and has always been a little too big. I continue to wear this shirt, and even though it is kinda weird (I am fully aware of my taste issues) it is actually my most complimented item of clothing.

Watching this shirt disintegrate, I decided that I wanted another one. (I am, after all, in need of more shirts to wear with jeans.) Voila: another trip to crazy town.

I love it. And I'm going to wear it all the time. Which, especially when you make your own clothes, is something you want. I've made things that were just lovely, but didn't really match my preferences, and they didn't get half the wear that the brown shirt has.

I should have tied a bow, but I am lazy.

Some project notes:
  • Once again, made with quilting cottons. (Urban Chicks.) I am aware of the draping limitations of quilting cottons. Works just fine for this shirt. (The body is not cut on the bias; this is just how this plaid is.)
  • I did not match my plaids.
  • The sleeve head is really puffy, so I took an inch out at the top. I am not 6. (Or even 26.)
  • Went down a size from last time.
  • I might wanna make the next one a tiny bit longer.
  • The yoke on this is somewhat time consuming. I am pleased to note that it was much easier this time around. (Maybe I have learned something after years of sewing!)
  • I have never liked the elastic at the bottom of the sleeves in the original shirt, so I bound them this time instead. (I cut an extra neck binding piece and cute it in half. Turned out to be exactly right.)
  • I love it.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cocktail Dress

I need a cocktail dress. I usually make a new one every year for my yearly benefit auction, but I need an extra (and fancier) one this year. I am going to an evening wedding in Korea this January and want to look great. (I don't need much of an excuse to go to Seoul, but I am totally excited about seeing a lot of my grad school friends from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.)

Korea is a fairly conservative culture and I am pretty heavily tatooed in the shoulder/back/upper arm area, so my dress needs to hide as much of that as possible. (Hey, I am proud to let my freak flag fly, but I can respect other people's special moments. Not to mention I don't want to piss off the ajumas.)

I've decided to design my own dress (working on a new sloper in pattern making class.) I'm using the early 60's as inspiration. Jewel necklines, full skirts, and sleeves are all things that I can work with, and even if the Mad Men furor hasn't hit there, I don't think I will stand out as too costumey. (And I'll pick a back-up pattern just in case. Be prepared!)

Here are some inspirational patterns that I have filed into my notes. I'm thinking a brocade might suit this type of style (and dress them up a bit) but we'll see. I'm still in my thinking phase.

I love the skirt on this one.

The neckline on this is pretty cute.

Hm, princess seams. (This neckline might be more flattering than a jewel on me.)

I dunno, I just like this one.

Another neckline that might do me well.