Monday, January 31, 2011

Simplicity 2281

You may remember, that I made Simplicity 2281 for my daughter for Christmas. It's a Cynthia Rowley pattern. They tend to look like crap on me, but look great on her.

I finally got her to send me a picture of her in the dress

The sleeve tucks are a little lost in this picture, but if you look at the previous one, you can see the sleeve and neckline details. This was a very easy pattern and the only thing I had to change was to take in the waist band about 3/4 of an inch on each side. (She is shaped like an hourglass, just like me. Albeit a very small one.) The fabric is a polyester matte jersey from fashion fabric club. It's not of the highest quality, but it can be machine washed and requires no ironing. (Which is a good option for my busy college junior. Man, I am getting old.)

I think it is a really cute dress on her and will be great for spring.


The Slapdash Sewist said...

That is really cute! The fit on her is great. Ah, college. At least she actually does laundry, right?

Linda said...

The dress looks lovely on your daughter. What a nice Mom you are!

Lisette M said...

That dress looks adorable on her!