Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Simplicity 2209

I HAVE A DRESS!! I finished something that I did not throw away! It fits me! I love it!

Ok. I can calm down now. I am just happy to have something that I didn't have to do endless muslins on or draft myself. I introduce to you, Simplicity 2209. (Mild action pose!)

Because of the busyness of my fabric pattern, I have included the line drawing from the Simplicity website.
I just want to say upfront that I loved this pattern. It was drafted pretty well, and I was able to fit it with no muslin. (I did give myself generous seam allowances to fiddle around with.) The crossing darts are the main feature here, although difficult to see in my version. Here is a close up anyway.

This dress is one of the new Lisette patterns, designed by the same person who does Oliver & S. (Turns out there is also a website where you can get more info.)

Things I liked:
  • Retro feel.
  • Very simple to put together.
  • Sleeveless makes it easy to fit as I sew.
  • The neck facings are extended to the armhole, which is finished with bias tape, so they facings aren't going to flip out.
Thing I don't like:
  • Normally I disregard the order of operation, but I didn't do that here. She has you insert the zipper at the end, and I wish I had put it in sooner. I hate inserting side seam zippers and I especially hate to do them after I have finished everything else.
  • I see a little gaping at the neckline, not sure if it is enough that I would want to pinch it out. I'll see how it wears.
  • The length was perfect for me with just a 3/4" hem. I think I'll add a little length so I can have a little more depth there. I like a deeper hem.
Things I changed.
  • I added a dart at the armhole, because it was super gappy.
  • I was between sizes, so I picked the smaller size and added a little on to the side seams. I could take a little more out, but I like a little extra room.
I am totally gonna make some more of these. I feel VERY cute when I wear this dress. (The jacket is not really my style, so I probably won't be going there.) As I get older, I am more sensitive to age-appropriate dressing. (With the caveat that I am fully aware I dress kind of funny.) A lot of the the vintage-inspired patterns that are being made right now, are really cute, but kind of skewed to a younger audience. (And with changes can be made to look more adult.) One thing I really like about this dress is that its age appropriateness depends more on the fabric than the style. (Although, I would be sure to check the length.)



KID, MD said...

Cute!! I keep thinking the Lisette line is too young for me, but you and wendy at west 38th have both proven me wrong with this dress. I love it!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Adorable! I love the fabric you chose and the fit is just perfect.

Angela said...

Very cute! I think the fit is perfect on you and just love the fabric!

Faye Lewis said...

You did a great job. I think it's just right for the Spring/Summer season.

Beth said...

I love it.
What is the fabric source?

Andrea said...

That dress is too cute and you look really good in it. Love the fabric.

Adelaide B said...

The fabric used for the dress is a quilting cotton (Robert Kaufman: Hot Blossom) that I got from fabric.com a year or two ago on super sale.

Beth said...

Thank you for more info on the fabric . . . I love the hexagons.

Anonymous said...

That dress looks beautiful on you and the fit is great. I'm adding this pattern to my wish list!