Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sometimes Things Could be Better: Simplicity 2209

I thought I would whip up another Lisette dress: Simplicity 2209. I really loved the last one, this one is just sort of meh.

This is the best of about 15 pictures. Really. This makes me look stumpy. I am 5' 8". I haven't been stumpy since I was 3. It's not the fault of the dress, but rather that I made the bodice and skirt out of 2 different fabrics. This just cuts me in a funny way.

The bodice fabric is a quilting cotton (not blue.) And the skirt is left over from my last dress (more blue.) The unflatteringness of this dress is due to my fabric choices and not anything inherent in the dress. I have enough blue left over to make a belt, so I will see if it makes any improvement. This may just be a wear-around-the-house-throw-a-sweater-over-it kind of dress. It has some nice details, handmade binding for the arm holes and pick stitching around the neckline facing instead of understitching. It's not a wadder, but it's not a winner either.


The Slapdash Sewist said...

I hate when I misjudge fabric choice. I'd recommend a bright colored belt instead of a blue one to jazz it up. Orange?

Andrea said...

I agree with Trena. A belt just might jazz it up. I say go for it.

Elizabeth said...

I think it looks great! I like the solid bottom with the printed top.