Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Simplicity 2211

I am pretending the summer will someday come to Seattle. Since Seattle is the town that spring forgot, I figure we are gonna have a great summer! (I am trying to convince myself more than you.) So I whipped up a cute version of Simplicity 2211 out of a very lightweight cotton shirting. (Another of the Lisette patterns.) (It's hard to tell in this picture, but there are little white polka dots on the fabric.) (And yes, I see that this is another blue dress.)

I knew going into this, that this style is not the most flattering on me. (I NEED waist definition. I am an hourglass, and fitted styles always look better on me. You should see the side and back views. But you are not going to because I do have some pride.) However I love having a little shift dress that I can pull on and laze around the house in on hot days. (Because we will get some!)

I lengthened the dress a little bit, but it is still above the knee, which is a little short for me. I also had to lengthen the bust dart to almost twice it's length. I don't know what was up with that. At this point there was some crazy pooling in the back and some severe drag lines in front. My shoulders are pretty sloping, so I adjusted for that on the pattern. This and lengthening the bust darts got rid of a lot of the drag lines and pooling. (Not all of it by any means, especially in the back. But that is what you get for not making a muslin.)

This is no fashion masterpiece, but it was a quick sew that will become handy when (and if) it ever gets warm.


Faye Lewis said...

It's nice that you get so much pre-spring/summer sewing time. We have already had a few days with temperatures in the 90's. I do like your dress.

BeckyMc said...

I live across the water from you, near Gig Harbor. This has been the year of never ending winter! I like your optimism about the possiblity of hot weather and I hope you are right. Love the shift dress for lazing on those hot days that WILL arrive sooner or later.

Sheila said...

Cute dress and love shift dresses especially to hangout around the house or a quick run to the market. I have made a few shift dresses and also find that they are not flattering on me too, but they make great hangout garments.

Stevie said...

I'm doing a sewalong for the Market blouse on my blog on the 20th of June!
Would love for you to join us!
Stevie x