Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekend Distraction: Colette Patterns Sorbetto

First off, I want to thank everyone for their compliments on my birthday dress. I wore it out on Thursday and it was a big success. (I love Seattle, but folks tend to dress in muted colors. Me, not so much. The dress was noticed.)

On Thursday last week, Colette Patterns made available a free pattern to download: a little 60's inspired blouse that you can get here. I downloaded it on Thursday night and had a version made up by Friday night.

Goofy action shot. I'm trying out the living room for photos since there is more light in there.

Closer detail shot:

I always thought I would gravitate towards the 50s as far as my personal style went, but I'm all about the early 60s. This little top was made for me, and goes especially well with my a-line skirts. It's a little boxy, but that is the style and the length is just right for it.

Project Notes:
  • I made a muslin for this and I am really glad I did. There are still some changes I would like to make on this, but I would have been disappointed had I just made it up in my fashion fabric. (I don't think this was a problem with the pattern per se, I usually do need to make some adjustments for fit)
  • I had some major gaping in the front armhole. Major. I ended up pinching it out into a dart, and then moving that dart into the bust dart. I have to do this a lot on sleeveless things. I think I am going to do a tutorial on this because once I figured it out, I was much happier with my clothes.
  • The shoulders were a little high, so I ended up increasing the shoulder seam depth by 3/8 of an inch. The bust dart was also a little too low, and this fixed that as well.
  • I am not sure I am sold on the visible bias tape finish. I used store bought bias tape and it is a little stiff. I'll see how it comes out in the wash. I might just make a neck/arm one piece facing and use that for a super clean finish. We'll see.
  • I used a lightweight poplin that I had in my stash. (It was 58" wide or so and I used about a yard.)
  • There is some pooling at the back and I think the length of the area between the neck and the bottom of the armhole is a little too long. I am going to experiment with that this weekend. (I don't have a swayback, but I often get pooling in the back of my shirts. I'm still learning how to fix this.)
I wore this outfit with a little cream sweater to the Olympia Farmer's Market today and felt really cute. I'm currently thinking of ways to modify it for more variation. (Insert evil laughter here.)


Anonymous said...

Cute! A perfect summery top-- I'm really looking forward to making one myself!

carolyn said...

That's super cute!
I was thinking about making it this weekend, and it is nice to see how it turned out for someone else.

Sewfast said...

Nice Adeleaide! I just printed out the pattern yesterday, so maybe I'll tape it together and give it a go! Thank you again for the pattern...I picked it up at the post office Friday!

Faye Lewis said...

I'm made at you! You beat me to it! How very classy yours is. I think you can do so many things with that top, dress it up or down. I already printed it off too.

Dibs said...

I printed this pattern as soon as it was put up. But the thought of assembling the pattern pieces discouraged me from making it. Thanks for the review. I normally don't make muslins, but I think I'll make one for this top.

michelle said...

I was looking at Flickr to see who had made this top up to get ideas. You did a great job on yours, it looks really cute! Can't wait to make it.

Kate said...

You look great, and your description of the pattern adjustments you need is spot on to what I need too! I had not idea how to fix the armhole gape,so thank you for reminding me it can be moved into the side dart. Genius! I also needed to take up the straps by about 3/8 an inch and add a bit of sloped shoulder angle there. And like you, I don't really have a swayback usually, but I also have pooling fabric over my hiny. I am still wondering how to fit that. But, once all the changes are made this will be THE shell top I go to again and again.

Emily said...

So pretty! Thanks for the tips. I will definitely make a muslin first!