Thursday, August 4, 2011

Liberty Sorbetto

Yeah yeah, Sorbetto Sorbetto Sorbetto. This is the fourth version of the top I have made, and I actually made it a couple of weeks ago before I got super busy.

The fabric is a Liberty print that I got from It is very faintly directional, and if I had been willing to cut the front and back pieces facing different ways, I would have had room on a yard of fabric to cut out the shirt with the box pleat. (My husband says he cannot even see the fabric has a directional print. I can.) I could have lived with the front right-side up and the back upside-down. Unfortunately, I had already cut out the back piece before I noticed I wasn't going to have enough fabric to do it the way I wanted. Long story short, I left off the box pleat and added a little faux button placket.

Close-up of one of the buttons, which I love a lot.

I think I'm done with this pattern for awhile. It goes great with skirts, but doesn't look so good with pants. I find that when I add length it gets super boxy and doesn't look so good on me.

I'm a little low on inspiration right now, so I'm gonna see what I can do about that. I have some skirts that I should make, but there is a dress I wanna draft. But not so much drive to do any of them. Ah well, it is summer.


Sheila said...

Another lovely Sorbetto. I so understand when you said it looks good with a skirt and not with pants. I have that problem and need to focus on separating the tops for skirts from the tops for pants. I can spend a good amount of time trying to remember what it is about a particular top. Only to put it on with pants and then duh... the top was meant for a skirt.

Faye Lewis said...

Pretty cute.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Such a sweet print! I feel you on pieces that are cute on their own, but hard to pair with a bottom.