Monday, September 19, 2011

Mystery Box Challenge #1: The Dress!!!!

Yes. I finally made something! As usual, I am not 100% happy, but that is my problem, not the dress's. I know for a fact that once I wear the dress a couple of times I will forget about its "problems" and enjoy the hell out of it. (Click on the images if you want to seem them in more detail. Cause I know they are that fascinating.)

Here is the head on picture (without the head):

Slightly tilted to the side (Big difference, I know.):

This dress is made from what I think is a brown stretch cotton poplin from my Fabric Mart mystery box and a light blue cotton poplin from (Left over from my first Sorbetto top.) I drafted the bodice from my bodice sloper, and the skirt is just a simple drindl. The neck is finished with made-by-me bias tape on the outside and the armholes are finished on the inside with bias tape, but bought at the store. (The armholes were originally finished the same as the neck, but it looked too much like a basketball jersey.)

There is some bust detailing that is hard to see in these photos, so I lighted one to show them:

This is what the front bodice pattern piece looks like:

If I had it to do over again, I would have made the bodice two pieces (splitting them in the obvious place) and adding a little less fullness. I feel like this makes me look bigger up top than I am or want to look.

All in all, though, I am very happy with this dress. It's a baby-step towards color blocking, and I think it works. Also, I've had issues in the past getting just the right amount of gathering for a drindl skirt, and I feel like I got it just right this time. This is a perfect dress for the summer/fall transition. Yes!

Rear view:


Faye Lewis said...

I like your interesting take on color blocking, been thinking about doing some myself.

Uta said...

Your dress is very pretty! I think the colors/proportions are just right, and it's a good style/shape on you.

The "NoteBook" Team said...

Adelaide: I do so enjoy your posts. This latest dress is really lovely and your colour blocking has worked very well. What I like about this dress too is the fact that it looks lovely "on" - it suits you to a tee!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Love that bias trim at the neck! It brings in just the right panache for a colorblock dress.

Anonymous said...

Oh I like that. The proportions of the blue band are just right.